A Tribute

Among all those theories about the way to live life, ‘practical outlook’ forms the core. I am someone who have explored the extremes of practical mindset. When I was being practical outside the ICU, where my father was undergoing a major brain operation, people thought that I am a drug addict. The lack of emotion in a 17 year old was beyond any explanation. I treat life as a baseball bowler, and I present dead bat to all its balls. Somewhere down the line, I forgot that I do have some flavor of emotion left in my mind. I have failed to present a dead bat to one such moment.  My love for writing was nurtured by a great personality who used to teach me Hindi during my high school days. He made me believe that writing is the best mode of expression. He stirred up my mind, and made me capable of penning down my thoughts. I met him just after my high school results in 2006, and that proved to be my last memory of him. The one who taught the details of my passion, died because of something I am trying to cure. It may be a normal for others to feel the pain of loss, but it is a rare feeling for a stone-heart like me. Such was his importance, that his loss has dissected the wall of practicality in my mind. I wish to meet him again, in any form of life. I always prefer English for my writings because it extends my capabilities to express. But, hindi is taking the lead at this very moment. Wherever you are, I ask you to critically evaluate the following lines:

“ये मन तो था ही तितली
उड़ना सिखाया आप ही ने
और जब सिख ली उड़ान
आप बादलो मे गुम हो गये”

For my English reader:

“This heart was a butterfly

You taught me how to fly

When I mastered the flight

You disappeared in the clouds”

Your words still echo in my ears, Rest in peace.



9 thoughts on “A Tribute”

  1. What an amazing impact in your life. When we can leave something like that in another person then life was worth living. Isn’t that the sense of life? To leave something enduring and lovingly growing in others?
    Although we know that spirit never dies and that we are connected forever through our energetic bond the loss of an important and close person is always so hard. It is because the way we had that person in our life has changed and won’t change back. I so feel with you! But whatever the person left has become part of yourself and therefore that person lives on within you… closer than before acutally.

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    1. I completely agree with your views. We are mortals, but we can attain virtual immortality by entering the hearts of people around us. Such memories inspire us to push our limits and perform beyond expectations. 🙂

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  2. Some people leave indelible influences on us , the greatest teachers are those who not just mould others in their own likeness but inspire them to transcend their own limitations and stir their souls forever. I guess you had one such tryst with an inspiring person. You mastered the flight ….He is probably the wind beneath your wings..

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