The Triplet Nomination

Who does not like awards? It becomes much better when you get three nominations bundled up together. I am short on words to express my gratitude towards Saadia, for nominating me for ‘The Versatile Blogger Award, ‘The Real Neat Blog Award‘ and a new one for me i.e. ‘The Beautiful Blog Award’. Here is the trio: 614770808 The answers to the questions are: Ques.1) What is your favorite genre of music? Ans.) I never limit myself to any specific genre. Depending upon my mood, I choose my music. Ques.2) Who is your favorite author and favorite book? Ans.2) As of now, Charles Dickens occupies this place with his masterpiece “The Great Expectations” Ques. 3) What is your favorite TV show? Ans. 3)Β I am not much of a TV fan. Ques. 4) What advice would you get to yourself if you get a time to travel ten years back into the past? Ans. 4) I would not like to create any pressure on the mind of a 13 year old kid. Maybe just ask him to keep up the naughty work. πŸ˜‰ Ques.5)Β Again if you are given a time machine to see and visit the wonders of these civilization at their prime where will you go?… a. The Egyptian Civilization b. The Mayan Civilization c. The Mohenjodaro (Indus valley) civilization d. The Middle Ages (Europe and central Asia) e. The Mughal Empire f. Jurassic Period Ans. 5)Β Jurassic era sounds like a good idea. Ques. 6) What is your favorite quote? Ans. 6) If you need a quote to live a quality life, you need a life buddy Ques.7) What are your thoughts on coffee? Ans.7) Depends upon the person sharing the table with me. And, here are the seven random facts about myself: 1) I have an anonymous certificate which state that, “When irritated, This person is good at making people feel bad”. 2) I am so lazy, that once I traveled to a different country without any exchangeable currency. 3) I do not like stinky tofu, but I often choose to lie. 4) Sometimes, I can get so adamant that even my inconsistency becomes consistent. 5) By now, I am thinking of what to write in this point. Does that proves my lazy nature? 6) I am a mystery, not only to others, but also to myself. 7) Finally, I am done with the random facts and this number 7 reminds me of 007. Finally, I nominate the following bloggers for all the three awards. Come on guys, cherish the moment: 1)Β The new dynamite of blogosphere 2) Priyanka 3) Megha 4) Theonlysup 5) Paper Prancer 6) Shreya 7) Simple Head Girl Looking forward to your responses. Cheers. πŸ™‚


24 thoughts on “The Triplet Nomination”

  1. Gosh that’s a down pour of awards for you !!!! Super congrats and soak in the glory ! You deserve them !!!! Three cheers .
    Thank you for finding my blog worthy! It indeed is overwhelming . I don’t accept awards / challenges though . Sincere sincere sincere apologies. I find the task of nominating other bloggers very daunting and there are just too many wonderful ones for me to pick from. Please feel free to edit the nomination . I hope you understand !

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