Leibster Award-Revisited

I am grateful that Supreet considered my blog for the Leibster Award. This was the first award I received within one month of my blogging life, and it has a special importance. I have received the award previously, and thus, I am not going to ask my any questions or nominate other bloggers. However, I am eager to answer the questions, and here I go:

Ques) Money or happiness?? your choice??
ans) Happiness is over money. When we target money, satisfaction becomes a moving target and we never actually achieve it. Another reason for my choice is that, I do not have to worry about storing my happiness into some kind of bank or investment agency 😉

Ques) The greatest weakness or a negative quality u have overcome and would like to overcome?
Ans) I was very shy till Standard 9th of my school days and I was bad at socializing. After that, I kind of exploded and a complete overhaul happened. Another aspect of my personality which I wish to change is that I find it very difficult to forgive people. If somebody does anything wrong, I am very good at making them feel bad. I wish I could delete this gene of mine.

Ques) Top 10 celebrities and visionaries  you would like to meet in life?
Ans) I would like to meet Oprah Winfrey, Rahul Dravid, Ratan Tata, Anurag Kashyap, Danny Boyle, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ruskin Bond, Wade Devis, Steward Brand, Anne Hathaway.

Ques) Life’s best gift you received?
Ans) My life’s best gift is the moment when I type this. I live my life in moments, big or small. Every breathe is a gift and I try to make full use of each one. 🙂

Ques) Best childhood moment?
Ans) 07:35 AM on Aug 27th, 1991 was the best moment of my childhood. I came into this world and found an amazing couple as my parents.

Ques) One and only  passion in your life?
Ans) Writing

Ques)Besides your current job position , what else you would choose to be working as?
Ans) I would like to work as the chief editor of Men’s Health 😉

Ques) How has blogging impacted your life till now?
Ans) It has allowed me to channel my anguish into something productive and made me realize my real ability as a writer. My circle has grown manifold and it has given me the platform to nurture my abilities.
Loved answering them. Thank you once again

Have a rocking weekend.



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