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Happy New Year

When you look back at your past  and find some of your actions silly, that means you have grown. 

I wish a happy and prosperous new year to all my friends here. You have been the most self-less set of friends one can expect in the online world.

My wishes got delayed because of obvious reasons. I was busy putting caps on several actions of the previous year. As they are done and dusted, I am moving on to another trail.

The beginning

When the silent voices of your mind go unheard

Block the noises of this world, find your own music

Exactly an year back, this was my thought process. That was my first date with this blog, and our bond has grown stronger every moment since then. If life is a train, and some passengers keep getting down at every station, then this blog is the one which will travel with me forever. We cannot force someone to travel with us, but we can strengthen the bond with the ones who are willing to be a part of our long journey. For everyone else, just ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ are enough. Still, some goodbyes don’t get a chance to get heard. For those:

I wish you were an inanimate object, I would have kept you as a souvenir

P.S.: Every compliment I get, every improvement I make, belong to my readers.

The Submissive

What reaction does that title brings? That is my strategy to ignite interest in the minds of my readers. This 50 shades thing has surely changed a thing (or two) about the way we look at the word submissive. If you are about to get an emotional surge because of the title, disappointment is going to strike you. I am capable of introducing a Mr. Grey here, with a different name. Let us call him Mr. Emotion. You must be wondering about the presence of Miss Steel in this story, aren’t you? I guess you already know the steel of this story, just look into the mirror. The person in the mirror is the one who succumbs to Mr emotions. This was supposed to surprise you, I am happy to see that expression on your face. I am happy that I can communicate with my readers like this.

Now that you have an idea about the purpose of this post, let me take you into the depth of this new sea of my thoughts. I have always believed in emotional independence; more emotional you get, more issues you face. Emotions are the high walls of a compound of our life, get over it to see the things on the other side. Emotions make us vulnerable, leading us to all sort of weird complexities of human mind. I agree that it is not easy to get over emotions, everyone would have mastered it otherwise. Some are gifted with a poker face, others develop it as they move on in life. I belong to the latter category. Never choose to be the submissive of Mr. Emotion, tear him apart. Life is not “50 shades of Grey”, it is the 51st shade of blessing.

Being emotionless is the key to success”