A Humble Request For Feedback

I am glad with the way my writing career has moved. It was on this blog where it all began. I would like to thank each one of you for the love and support all throughout the journey.

I have been working on few movie scripts recently, and also writing for some websites. As I get published, I will surely share the links here. I might not write a lot on this blog, but I will always stay connected with all of you.

Here is the link to a story that has been accepted by a movie group, and they have asked me to develop the idea further and come up with a short movie script. Take a look, and give your valuable suggestions in the comment section here, or on Facebook.

Have an awesome week ahead. Cheers!!


The Chains of Humanity

Being humans, we have the special power to thing. That power makes us ecstatic, and then it turn into a nemesis and we don’t get time to acclimatize. I have always believed in logical thinking, and this post won’t be without its logic. All my readers out there, sit down with a sheet of paper and make a tree with five branches. Now, quote one problem of your life on each branch of the tree. That’s it, let me draw the roots of the tree you just made. I will draw only two gigantic roots, and tag them as mentioned below:

  1. Attachment
  2. Emotions

Sounds absurd, think deeply about all the issues of your life and get back to this post. I am sure you’d agree with the point I am trying to make. The roots which are supposed to keep us firm, they nurture each leaves of our life. Then the leave grow old, getting ready to shed. And we begin to crib about the loss of those leaves. I would like to write a message here:

Do not find your roots in others, be your own root. When the leaves get dried up, you won’t be caught in the enigma of gloom and sadness. 

When the chains were created by us

Then why all the dramatic fuss

Why the complaints about being in  cage

When the door is open since a decade

What is left for us to gain

When the medicine has become the pain


I would love to continue the discussion with my fellow intellects here. Bring on your views.


The Mind vs Soul

As his feet moved towards the kitchen, morning tiredness was getting to him. The mind was clattered with thoughts, of things as diverse as the color of the leaves in the garden right outside the window of his room.

“Let’s make breakfast, take a nap and go to work”, the mind ordered.

“Just crash on the floor right now”, the adamant soul exclaimed.

The contest was getting to the nail-biting levels. It’s would have been easier to defeat Genghis Khan, it’s the inner forces that make us lose such contests.

Then the mind gave a wise comment, “Let’s have a settlement here, make breakfast and crash on the floor.”

The soul agreed in a flash, like a toddler following his mom to the kitchen. The body was just a slave of the two driving forces at that moment. Like a loyal servant, hands picked up the vegetables and other ingredients. Breakfast was about to get a warm welcome soon. The right hand lifted the knife, then there was a brainfade for few seconds.

The white marble of the floor got a red stain. Red is usually a color of happiness, maybe the happiness of the soul at winning the contest. The hands were lifeless, mind gone to a sleep that was infinite. No more contests, the soul had flown out of the body towards freedom.

Thank you Readers

We often try to run away from our original types, sprinting our way to security. That is when the universe hits us like a pro-boxer, hitting us back to the wonderful turf of life. More often than not, it’s a pleasant experience to lie down in the ring, looking at the sky above, and revisiting the sprints. 

People who know me, won’t find it tough to get the underling theme of the aforementioned words.  I still remember the day when  I began my writing journey. It used to be a way to shriek, when nobody listens. As a 23 year old, all I had was anger towards the tangled ways of the society. Three years down the line, a lot has changed. What hasn’t changed, is my love for those lines from the movie “A Beautiful Mind”:

It’s only in The mysterious equations of love that any logic or reasons can be found. I’m only here tonight because of you. You are the only reason I am… you are all my reasons.

I still write, but the hatred has made way for something bigger, which has made me better as a person. Whatever we do, whatever we get, it’s because of someone’s prayers. Since I am not sure whose prayers worked, I decided to thank every individual of my life.

It’s my nature to hold the beans right at the point of spilling them, letting the curiosity find its way. Thank you everyone, for listening to the muted shrieks in the past.

P.S.: Hang on, I might be giving invitation cards in near future. 😉


Life is all about making other's lives beautiful and that is what my objective is

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