Omurice- That is how they named it

As I focus on losing the twenty kilograms gained during past three months, my mischievous mind gave me an idea. During my stay in Taiwan, I have seen foreigners contemplating about their food choices. I have found a solution to save the time which we lose while deciding what to eat. I am going to begin from the corner store of the food court and try its every item on a day-by-day basis and then move on to the next outlet in a clockwise motion. So, on the first day of this exercise, I ordered the food-item mentioned on the second bullet point menu board- “Omelette with rice filled inside and chicken”. The first item was “Omelette with rice inside”, and the wiser part of my mind suggested me to go for the second one at a marginal extra cost. Luckily, the person at the billing counter knew English and half of the battle was won at that point. I had to wait for a while, and then it arrived like this:

The blogger within me decided to slice open the thin layer of omelette to provide an inside view of the stuffing.
The blogger within me decided to slice open the thin layer of omelette to provide an inside view of the stuffing.

I am a selfish guy, that is why I decided not to ruin the shape just for the sake of my blog. After few minutes, this is how my plate looked like:

Taking cleanliness to the next level
Taking cleanliness to the next level

After showing the previous image, do I need to explain any further about the taste? Everything about Japan is fabulous, this meal was no exception. In short, it was scrumptious. Like a typical Japanese cuisine, it had its tinge of sweetness and it gave an additional strength to the flavor. The lazy guys like me should find a restaurant which offers Omerice, the ones with better culinary skills may look at this link:

I just realized that I have forgotten about the chicken, “Mr Chicken! Were you there? You will have to wait for the limelight.”

Have a finger licking weekend.



3 thoughts on “Omurice- That is how they named it”

  1. Glad you enjoyed it, but it doesn’t look like it will help you lose weight! I gained a bit too much on my vacation, and lost a tiny bit of it only to give in to the cookies I baked yesterday. 😦


    1. I follow a different approach to weight loss, if you control too much then you will suffer psychologically. I plan for each day and every week, and then I reward myself. This was my reward of the week. When you train hard, the metabolism reaches sky high and your body will burn down whatever you eat. Try following this, you have just given me another potential topic for my new blog post 😉

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