My Omegle Encounters

If you don’t already know Omegle, let me introduce it. It is a website which allows user to chat with random strangers without registering.  In today’s busy world, it is an easy way to find someone to talk to. Launched in 2009, it has garnered huge audience all around the world. If that was not enough, an un-moderated video mode was added in its armory in 2010. I often use it to observe people of various kinds. As per my experience, there are some typical stereotypes of the people who use it:

1) This is a guy who can be from any part of the world. His only identity is that he is a male and he owns an instrument (we may call it a muscular Sword) which is eager to find its Scabbard. Smart readers will understand what I mean. Such guys contribute to almost ninety per cent of the total Omegle population. He keeps looking for the scabbard but he rarely finds one. I believe, he goes to sleep by using his own make-shift scabbard and let his instrument rest. What is difficult to understand here is how they expect to fulfill their sky-high desires over Omegle. Isn’t it a better idea to look for the offline options?

My troll for this guy: I switch off my cam and induce them into a discussion by saying, “I cannot see you.” He understands that my cam is not working. Then he asks my ASL and it is anyone’s guess that I am going to pretend to be a female. As soon as he sees that letter F, he changes his position. Maybe his mind says to him, “pull up your socks man, your prey is coming towards you”. After few chat statements, he becomes eager to know more about that letter F. After creating maximum itch in his heart and mind, I disconnect. You should feel for the guy, poor lad.

2) This is a small kid, who keeps looking towards the door to ensure that nobody is watching him. Omegle is like a new jigsaw puzzle for him. This is the best chat one can get, this kid is harmless and he does not expect anything. He just asks you small questions which are quite interesting.

My troll for this kid: Come on guys, I am not that bad to play with such sweet minds. I just chat with them like a wiser elder brother.

3) Here comes our sweethearts who are always in the age group of 18-25 years and they love smileys. They are so eager to provide you their contact details that, they do not even wait for you to say hi. Let me make it clear that they are not automated

My troll for such sweethearts: I am still researching this group. I wish a day comes soon when one of these ladies tells me in detail about their exploration. I am curious to know if a guy has ever fallen in their trap.  My dear readers! Don’t giggle at me. I know better ways to hook-up 😉

4) This is a charming young lady, often accompanied by her geeky looking friend. Whenever she comes on-screen, I feel like, “Ohhhhh! You are the one whom everyone wishes to meet on Omegle”. Success rate of getting this lady is quite low, maybe one in hundred Omegle chats. If you get her, your patience deserves a salute from me.

My troll: These are often intellectual ladies, I love talking to them. I have made several great friends from this category. My recent Omegle buddy is a precious gift from France and we are making plans to steal Eiffel Tower 😉

Jokes apart, Omegle is a perfect example of how technology can either make you, or break you. There are freaks but there are wiser ones too (you read it right; I have even discussed my research topics with some of the strangers). Learn innocence from the kid, derive charm from the category four and disconnect the other categories. The world has so much to learn, there is no time to feel bored.



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