The Mind vs Soul

As his feet moved towards the kitchen, morning tiredness was getting to him. The mind was clattered with thoughts, of things as diverse as the color of the leaves in the garden right outside the window of his room.

“Let’s make breakfast, take a nap and go to work”, the mind ordered.

“Just crash on the floor right now”, the adamant soul exclaimed.

The contest was getting to the nail-biting levels. It’s would have been easier to defeat Genghis Khan, it’s the inner forces that make us lose such contests.

Then the mind gave a wise comment, “Let’s have a settlement here, make breakfast and crash on the floor.”

The soul agreed in a flash, like a toddler following his mom to the kitchen. The body was just a slave of the two driving forces at that moment. Like a loyal servant, hands picked up the vegetables and other ingredients. Breakfast was about to get a warm welcome soon. The right hand lifted the knife, then there was a brainfade for few seconds.

The white marble of the floor got a red stain. Red is usually a color of happiness, maybe the happiness of the soul at winning the contest. The hands were lifeless, mind gone to a sleep that was infinite. No more contests, the soul had flown out of the body towards freedom.


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