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Nearing the END

A love song that never existed

A story that never really begun

A climax that never happened

The thing which I assumed lost

Was actually a sugarcoated lie

Few moments of my life are left

Steal those like a ultimate thief

Shadows remain with memories

I lay in this red-rusty coffin idly

My soul feels like coming back

Fighting  time for one last time

Then it looks at the dark clouds

That brightness was never mine

The story which looks unfinished

Was just a story in the minds.



Few minutes with myself

I stood here thinking of you
You were far but I felt you
I Poured it out on the paper
I’m standing here once again
But you are not here anymore
Why should I think about it
Because you never were here
I’ll go on writing such words
One may feel special again
My words are my creativity
My expressions are for paper
You’re free to grab a sheet
And feel good about oneself