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The Legacy of Pain

Tell me where do I stand

And why should I pretend

If it is a good love story

Not all have a happy end.


Time is a great healer

I need a greater one

Medicines are around

I think,  I need noone.

The years were great

And I have no regrets

Your love was ectasy

Your pain is a legacy.


The Books of Life

The moment of life was stagnant

The world had an eerie silence

You came out from somewhere

And now you are everywhere.

This is how the life’s boat rows

A moment comes, another goes

One chapter leads to another

And the exploration goes on.

If you think life is an examination

Experiences are the cheat-sheets

They make you ace the phases

Your victory leaves its traces.

When you lose all your reasons

There comes a spring season

New flowers come up in life

Taking place of the lost ones.

Life is full of interesting books

Different genre of each of them

Take the back seat and rest here

And find the best one to read.

I am sure you are my last book

I will ensure you stay for ever

Exploring the amusing chapters

Till I get to the last page of mine.


Immortality of a mortal

If this moment is my last

I wish to touch the sky

If this is my last step here

Let me live in those eyes

As I lay on this bed of roses

I am not prepared to die

Their fragrance is yours

Let me live in those eyes

Never wished to live forever

A moment with you is mine

This lively life is always yours

Let me live in those eyes

Do not sit near my bed here

I cannot see my smile cry

If you really want me here

Let me live in those eyes


The silent footsteps

Are you still there on my side?
What is there that you still hide?
Emotions were just getting stronger
You could have stayed a bit longer

When the strong winds got colder
The atmosphere got a bit warmer
Those footsteps come alive now
You could have stayed a bit longer

The drops of that rain were cold
They do not feel the same anymore
Emotions were ready to drench us
You could have stayed a bit longer

The chirping of birds gave a rhythm
That silence appeared a bit calmer
Eyes got stuck at that warm smile
You could have stayed a bit longer

The times are no more the same
You are always there in the distance
Now that you are gone for ever
Your memories will stay a bit longer

© 4yearoldadult

A letter from the freaky Society

Dear Social Animals,

I hope you are living a great life within the limitations put by me. I am sure that you have been to the God’s place repeatedly and found solace there. I have been doing good and the past week was an eventful one. A social-animal approached me because his daughter has proposed a boy’s name for marriage. From what I know about the boy and his relationship with the girl, they have been together since they were 18 and this is the first relationship for both of them. They had been taught some values and that is why they never crossed the limits during the relationship. Their every move is aimed towards taking the relationship to the next level i.e. marriage. Isn’t it special for 23 year old people? They have shared happiness, grief, excitement and every other emotion which exists in the world. They are on the top of each other’s priority lists. I love these guys because they followed even those rules which had long been forgotten by me but the girl’s parents had reminded her about those and she obliged. The guy has a stable life now and they were ready to take the relationship to the next level, but since the girl was in love with her parents, she wanted to get their approval.

I love playing the Devil and I did the same this time. I told her father that the boy is from a different clan and thus the society will not approve such marriage and this marriage will be cursed. It is immaterial that the boy will keep his girl happy, because he is from a different caste. Caste and clan scores way above everything else. The father agreed to my view and he blindly followed whatever I said. For me, the freaky society, these issues are vital and thus I try my best to roast such relationships to death. What if their souls are connected, they are not connected by my chord of clan.

Ever yours,

The Freaky Society


Believe it or not, this happens often in some parts of the world and it makes me feel helpless. People have created a fictional thing called society and they keep following it blindly. What matters for a father? His daughter’s happiness or this caste system? Terms like clan and caste are exploited to fulfill their personal interests. Even if they love adhering to the rules of the society, they do not do it completely. They sort out the things which are to their liking and present them as their rules. These societies have groups to support rubbish such as communal issues but there is no-one to take care of such couples and their emotions get slaughtered brutally. This is not something to be discussed, the world needs someone to act upon it. I have been going through such issue and I am being forced to leave someone who has been my life for the past 5 years. Whatever I achieved, I have done in order to convince her parents but they have given me such arguments which make me sick. The girl cannot go against them because of the values taught by the same parents. My sister asks me to gradually detach myself, but it is not possible for me. I asked her mother if there is anything which can be done to convince you, I will do it blindly. I have reached a stage where I am open to any sort of help from anyone, whatever it may take.