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Nearing the END

A love song that never existed

A story that never really begun

A climax that never happened

The thing which I assumed lost

Was actually a sugarcoated lie

Few moments of my life are left

Steal those like a ultimate thief

Shadows remain with memories

I lay in this red-rusty coffin idly

My soul feels like coming back

Fighting  time for one last time

Then it looks at the dark clouds

That brightness was never mine

The story which looks unfinished

Was just a story in the minds.


The first love paradox

A recent post about someone’s love story gave me this idea of creating a paradox for love, parallel to the omnipotence paradox. If you have not read about the omnipotence paradox, let me try to explain it:

“Omnipotence means ability to do anything. If God is omnipotent, then he must be able to formulate a work which he cannot do. If he cannot create such work, he is not omnipotent. And if he does create such a work, that means he failed to create a work which he cannot do. “

If you are a believer and you are fuming at me for writing this, let me save myself my saying that I am not an atheist. I just saved my life by using the power of words. Jokes apart, I wanted to propose a paradox for first love. My view is that there is no such thing like first love. People fall in love and then they break up. They take their lessons and fall again, to learn some more lessons. Each of those affairs get counted as First-Love at some point of time. Teenagers look for attention givers and protectors, youth looks for exploration, then they pursue stability in their 30s and the cycle goes on. I am seven years behind that mark of 30, so I am not the best person to comment on the love that happens during the age of 30s. “Salt as per the taste”, you must have read it in the recipes. The same applies to love. My conclusion is:

“First love happens once, twice and thrice”

If I made my readers fume once again, I offer my head on a silver plate. Chop it off, add salt as per the taste and eat it. These are my views, and I do not have to be right.


All You Need is Love

Some see it in Chemistry

Also written in the  history

But I see it as an entry

Into a mysterious world

Beyond the hormones

Ahead of the emotions

Away from the rules

But, It is still a mystery

Let the mist settle down

Where is the love gone?


Although I do not believe in love, I am attempting this in order to reciprocate the gesture of Prajakta. A lot of people believe in love, and I must respect their views. This is just an attempt to demystify love, or maybe complicate it further 😉

This is called ‘Spread the Love/ Love in Ten Sentences Challenge’ – a chance to express your thoughts on love. The rules are:

1. Write about LOVE in ten sentences of four words each

2. Share your favourite love quote

3. Nominate fellow bloggers.

A sarcastic self-made quote comes to my mind:

“I felt that was true love, so can be this one and the next one” 

I hope nobody gets offended by my weird views about love. I would like all my readers to share their views, and my specific nominations are:



Paloma Renee

Steven Baird




Feel free to keep the chain moving. Looking forward to hear from all the amazing people in the blogoshpere.