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Nearing the END

A love song that never existed

A story that never really begun

A climax that never happened

The thing which I assumed lost

Was actually a sugarcoated lie

Few moments of my life are left

Steal those like a ultimate thief

Shadows remain with memories

I lay in this red-rusty coffin idly

My soul feels like coming back

Fighting  time for one last time

Then it looks at the dark clouds

That brightness was never mine

The story which looks unfinished

Was just a story in the minds.




on the final day of this challenge, I thought of experimenting with the way to write a quote . I would like to give a proportionality equation to get an idea about one’s quality of life:

Q∝ 1/ T


Q= Quality of life

T= Total time spent on social media websites (in hours)

This leads us to the following quote:

Quality of life is inversely proportional to the total time spent on social media websites

P.S.: Mathematician readers are requested to act like a lay man while reading this post.


Moments of life bring success

Worldwide, the average life expectancy is 71 years. I believe, that is enough for someone who wishes to make waves on this planet. If this is the case, why don’t we have more Einsteins, Faradays, Mother Teresa etc. I am yet to make waves, but I am someone who have always believed that I have been sent here for a purpose. I often gets into a zone where I begin to feel about the purpose of my existence and what I have done to fulfill the purpose. I have been lucky in my life, or maybe I perceive so. I do have bad times, but then happens something which suggests that the bad was preparing myself for this amazing present. When you think that you are stuck in your present, then you start expecting someone to fire you from your current job and create a panic situation to bring out the best in you. But, panic can also break people badly. Philosophy is such a charming thing when we are 23 years of age, isn’t it?

I guess I have stirred-up some minds. If yes comes to your mind, you would continue reading in search of more enlightenment. Others have already given five minutes to this post and their instincts says that something wiser is on it’s way. I have mentioned the number 71 in the beginning and I wish to revolve around it. I have decided to break it down into very small pieces. If years matter, so do months, days, hours, minutes, seconds, and even microseconds of your life. I am going to dig out my philosophy from years to seconds. Whatever year of life you are in, just assume that you have to do everything in the coming one year. That gives you 12 months i.e. 365 days. One year gives us 1314000000000 microseconds. I know that you are too lazy to count the digit of this huge numerical figure. Here is my take on it, each microsecond can give you one idea. A lot of these ideas have have the potential to change your life for good. Out of these 1314000000000  ideas, you require just one of these to transform your life. Let me present a fact here, JK Rowling came up with the idea for the Harry Potter during a delayed four-hour train-ride. Any situation you are facing at this point of life, just sustain the belief that it’s just a matter of one microsecond. I got this mathematical idea in one such microsecond, I hope it inspires some of readers towards greatness. If this happens, lend me one moment for an autograph. I will stop here, let your mind take this idea further.

“Life is all about moments, anything can happen anytime”

The Books of Life

The moment of life was stagnant

The world had an eerie silence

You came out from somewhere

And now you are everywhere.

This is how the life’s boat rows

A moment comes, another goes

One chapter leads to another

And the exploration goes on.

If you think life is an examination

Experiences are the cheat-sheets

They make you ace the phases

Your victory leaves its traces.

When you lose all your reasons

There comes a spring season

New flowers come up in life

Taking place of the lost ones.

Life is full of interesting books

Different genre of each of them

Take the back seat and rest here

And find the best one to read.

I am sure you are my last book

I will ensure you stay for ever

Exploring the amusing chapters

Till I get to the last page of mine.