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Fear of Life

Why do you fear life
Within you is your life
Why do you fear people
You are one of them
I am one of them
Why do you fear now?
Man is speech, man is interpretation 
Man is attached with man
Relationships are attached with man
Why do you fear the unspoken?
It has not happened yet,
Why do you fear that?
Why do you fear light?
You are light and I am light
Why do you fear now? 
A new inspiration is coming
Renaissance is on its way
Whom do you fear now?

The Dilemma of Notice Period

Do you think your boss bears some resemblance to a mutant, which is on a blood trail? If yes, then you should not waste your time here and you better get work desk moving. If you did not get the pun in my previous statement than I better stop writing from this very moment. Do not take the title seriously, it was chosen in my own casual way. Our beloved Google defines Notice Period as this “The notice period is the time period between the receipt of the letter of dismissal and the end of the last working day. This time period has to be given to an employee by his employer before his employment ends.” I have faced this situation and I felt like a husband who has to live with a lady whom he already divorced. Believe me, this feeling has its own implications. It had a positive impact on me, I felt like a free bird because the transition period between my current assignment and the new one was like a long-awaited vacation and I was getting paid for it.

However, this might not be the case with everyone. The wiser side of me suggests that one must continue working sincerely during a notice period because this may help you in getting a good repute, which may lead to a good recommendation in future. One must not confuse ‘working sincerely’ with ‘working hard’. Hard work does not always mean that your productivity is on the higher side. If you can work for 8 hours with peak concentration, then that is much better than a 12 hours slog. You do not have to prove your sincerity to anyone, just be sincere to yourself and you will find some rewards along the way. The notice period is a welcome break from your stressful life and one must utilize it to explore the dynamic features of the world. Going to a bar all alone and meeting random people is a precious feeling. Life does not throw such opportunities often, and when it does, you must utilize it to the full effect. Career is not Life and vice versa is also not true. This is not philosophy, this is the practical understanding of life. When you become too indulgent with your career, you blame life for being so harsh on you. Draw a line of separation between your career and life and give them the space they deserve, neither less nor more than that. Work sincerely for your career, it will give you rewards, use those rewards to live life in its true shape.