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The depth of my mind and ‘YOU’

As I try to create a masterpiece for YOU

Trying to make the smiles come true

I end up writing it in a few  minutes

My writing has no more deep secrets.

YOU are the mountain I wish to climb

YOU are the spring that makes me blind

To see only YOU, the special kind

Thoughts are scattered, it’s you that bind

YOU are the one that keeps me driving

The soothing music & the rhythm is exciting

The only  one that holds me together

YOU stand by me when no-one gathers

YOU are the inspiration of my words

The one who means to me the world

YOU are the dream where hearts curled

My mind asked ‘Who is YOU’, silence unfurled


Your situation is better than you think

You say your life has problems

Whose world is free from it?

You have some happiness here

Not everyone has this luxury


They have bigger troubles than yours

Still they smile and show the guile

Compare with the less privileged

The hungry, the tired, the caged.


It is not fear which you observe

It is what your mind creates

This is not what your heart dictates

Fear is the thing which your mind rates


They see that memories weaken

But it has the potential to strengthen

Everything is what you perceive

Forget it and see what you receive



Fault in my name

When me met that time 

Time came to a swift halt 

Need for love was an injury

Your presence was the salt

You are gorgeous, ineffable

Truly a class apart

We were deeply in love

We topped the charts

Distance came in between

But close were the hearts

We thought of marriage

Life was set for a new start

My surname is different

Is this my fault?

A moment of another halt