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The Futility of Theories

“Dude! You look like David Beckham”

And the dude in question soars to the skies. The dude may choose to hide his inner emotions, but he can’t deny the happiness within his mind and heart. Even if he hides his emotions, he is going to try and recreate the same magic, and work towards living the compliment. This is the beauty of appreciation. I am still learning the art of responding to compliments. There is nothing wrong with the comparison to Beckham, but I see perceive it in a different way. One question that comes to my mind is: ‘Whom did Beckam choose to imitate?’, and the spontaneous answer is ‘No-one’.  Amidst the glory of compliments, we forget the basics of stardom.

“True heroes never looked like anyone, but they created their own benchmarks”

Let us try to dig deeper into the stardom of guys like Beckham, or Christiano Ronaldo etc. What if Ronaldo was still in  Santo António, not known to the world as a champion footballer? There is no way he could have gained the limelight of this intensity. This brings us to the core of the issue, he made himself through his skills and hard work. He chose to focus on his work, became good at it, and that gave rise to his fame.

“Fame should never be the objective, it is just a byproduct of the rewards for hard work”

We are often told to follow a fixed path, and we forget our originality. What worked for someone, may not work for you. There is nothing wrong is using someone’s life as a template, but we should not try to imitate that step-by-step. The conditions which prevailed during his rise, the mentality and situation, cannot be recreated. It’s good to use these personalities as an inspiration, but do not try to follow their track. If someone gained millions from mutual funds, you cannot recreate the market situation to gain the same amount. The best way, is to find what works for you. Mark your strengths, guard your weaknesses.

“Don’t follow anyone, lay your own path and lead the way”



The Dilemma of Notice Period

Do you think your boss bears some resemblance to a mutant, which is on a blood trail? If yes, then you should not waste your time here and you better get work desk moving. If you did not get the pun in my previous statement than I better stop writing from this very moment. Do not take the title seriously, it was chosen in my own casual way. Our beloved Google defines Notice Period as this “The notice period is the time period between the receipt of the letter of dismissal and the end of the last working day. This time period has to be given to an employee by his employer before his employment ends.” I have faced this situation and I felt like a husband who has to live with a lady whom he already divorced. Believe me, this feeling has its own implications. It had a positive impact on me, I felt like a free bird because the transition period between my current assignment and the new one was like a long-awaited vacation and I was getting paid for it.

However, this might not be the case with everyone. The wiser side of me suggests that one must continue working sincerely during a notice period because this may help you in getting a good repute, which may lead to a good recommendation in future. One must not confuse ‘working sincerely’ with ‘working hard’. Hard work does not always mean that your productivity is on the higher side. If you can work for 8 hours with peak concentration, then that is much better than a 12 hours slog. You do not have to prove your sincerity to anyone, just be sincere to yourself and you will find some rewards along the way. The notice period is a welcome break from your stressful life and one must utilize it to explore the dynamic features of the world. Going to a bar all alone and meeting random people is a precious feeling. Life does not throw such opportunities often, and when it does, you must utilize it to the full effect. Career is not Life and vice versa is also not true. This is not philosophy, this is the practical understanding of life. When you become too indulgent with your career, you blame life for being so harsh on you. Draw a line of separation between your career and life and give them the space they deserve, neither less nor more than that. Work sincerely for your career, it will give you rewards, use those rewards to live life in its true shape.