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Few minutes with myself

I stood here thinking of you
You were far but I felt you
I Poured it out on the paper
I’m standing here once again
But you are not here anymore
Why should I think about it
Because you never were here
I’ll go on writing such words
One may feel special again
My words are my creativity
My expressions are for paper
You’re free to grab a sheet
And feel good about oneself


The travel mutation

The best part about life is that evolution is one of its prime components. A lot of things have led me towards this habit of travelling, and that makes me realize all those who were responsible for the nourishment of this obsession. A bit of alcohol still makes me shower those people with cheeky adjectives, but I do it with a smile now. I enjoy laughing at the illogical ideology of those who have failed to come out of their cocoons and now they think that they can give sermons. Interaction and connection with different types of people makes us human. Those who live in their self-created shells of society can compare themselves to animals. I wish nobody gets offended by my words. Only those may feel offended who belong to that species which never moves out of its illogical boundaries.

Every moment, we are undergoing a slow evolution somewhere in our mind or the heart. When a number of such small changes add up, you become the sum of those changes. I have underwent one such major change in my outlook about life. Travelling is slowly becoming my obsession, and I am loving it. Why would I complain when this mutation leads me to such places:

Sunset in North Eastern part of Taiwan
Sunset in North Eastern part of Taiwan
A replica of Queen’s Head rock in Yehliu Geopark

DSCN6804 DSCN6376

I will keep this post short, just to give you time to get lost in the minute details of the images 🙂