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3 Day 3 Quotes Challenge #2 Day 3

“When interest is fueled into passion, it becomes an art”

The last quote of this challenge took it’s nutrition from my love for writing. I am so obsessed with writing that, I feel like asking it out for a candle light dinner. ūüėČ

I would like to thank Raha§ya and Erika for giving me this opportunity. I am blessed to have such amazing readers. Bless you all.


The depth of my mind and ‘YOU’

As I try to create a masterpiece for YOU

Trying to make the smiles come true

I end up writing it in a few  minutes

My writing has no more deep secrets.

YOU are the mountain I wish to climb

YOU are the spring that makes me blind

To see only YOU, the special kind

Thoughts are scattered, it’s you that bind

YOU are the one that keeps me driving

The soothing music & the rhythm is exciting

The only  one that holds me together

YOU stand by me when no-one gathers

YOU are the inspiration of my words

The one who means to me the world

YOU are the dream where hearts curled

My mind asked ‘Who is YOU’, silence unfurled