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The Submissive

What reaction does that title brings? That is my strategy to ignite interest in the minds of my readers. This 50 shades thing has surely changed a thing (or two) about the way we look at the word submissive. If you are about to get an emotional surge because of the title, disappointment is going to strike you. I am capable of introducing a Mr. Grey here, with a different name. Let us call him Mr. Emotion. You must be wondering about the presence of Miss Steel in this story, aren’t you? I guess you already know the steel of this story, just look into the mirror. The person in the mirror is the one who succumbs to Mr emotions. This was supposed to surprise you, I am happy to see that expression on your face. I am happy that I can communicate with my readers like this.

Now that you have an idea about the purpose of this post, let me take you into the depth of this new sea of my thoughts. I have always believed in emotional independence; more emotional you get, more issues you face. Emotions are the high walls of a compound of our life, get over it to see the things on the other side. Emotions make us vulnerable, leading us to all sort of weird complexities of human mind. I agree that it is not easy to get over emotions, everyone would have mastered it otherwise. Some are gifted with a poker face, others develop it as they move on in life. I belong to the latter category. Never choose to be the submissive of Mr. Emotion, tear him apart. Life is not “50 shades of Grey”, it is the 51st shade of blessing.

Being emotionless is the key to success”




Being in the early years of 20s, I often hear a lot about marriages and commitment. On seeing one of my friends get married, I got that “my team is one player down” feeling. As I say, I can only write well when I feel something. The trending twitter hashtag #MakeMarriageBetterIn4Words is the reason behind this post. If you are looking for stuff like “how to make marriages work” or “How to get rid of dominating husband” etc, This post is going to disappoint you big time. On a lighter note, I still don’t understand why do someone has to ask google to make a marriage work. If you have reached that point where you have to ask google about such issues, you are in deep trouble buddy. Just type ‘how to…’ in google search and you’ll see some astonishing suggestions. I am pretty sure that a lot of you are going to try this in some time. Give a minute to this crazy exercise and your smile may just come out of the closet. Now I realize that I chose a misleading title for this post. Coming to the point, these are my four words to make marriages better:

“Don’t name it marriage”

P.S.: I like to stir up the minds by writing open-ended posts. 


A Tribute

Among all those theories about the way to live life, ‘practical outlook’ forms the core. I am someone who have explored the extremes of practical mindset. When I was being practical outside the ICU, where my father was undergoing a major brain operation, people thought that I am a drug addict. The lack of emotion in a 17 year old was beyond any explanation. I treat life as a baseball bowler, and I present dead bat to all its balls. Somewhere down the line, I forgot that I do have some flavor of emotion left in my mind. I have failed to present a dead bat to one such moment.  My love for writing was nurtured by a great personality who used to teach me Hindi during my high school days. He made me believe that writing is the best mode of expression. He stirred up my mind, and made me capable of penning down my thoughts. I met him just after my high school results in 2006, and that proved to be my last memory of him. The one who taught the details of my passion, died because of something I am trying to cure. It may be a normal for others to feel the pain of loss, but it is a rare feeling for a stone-heart like me. Such was his importance, that his loss has dissected the wall of practicality in my mind. I wish to meet him again, in any form of life. I always prefer English for my writings because it extends my capabilities to express. But, hindi is taking the lead at this very moment. Wherever you are, I ask you to critically evaluate the following lines:

“ये मन तो था ही तितली
उड़ना सिखाया आप ही ने
और जब सिख ली उड़ान
आप बादलो मे गुम हो गये”

For my English reader:

“This heart was a butterfly

You taught me how to fly

When I mastered the flight

You disappeared in the clouds”

Your words still echo in my ears, Rest in peace.


The travel mutation

The best part about life is that evolution is one of its prime components. A lot of things have led me towards this habit of travelling, and that makes me realize all those who were responsible for the nourishment of this obsession. A bit of alcohol still makes me shower those people with cheeky adjectives, but I do it with a smile now. I enjoy laughing at the illogical ideology of those who have failed to come out of their cocoons and now they think that they can give sermons. Interaction and connection with different types of people makes us human. Those who live in their self-created shells of society can compare themselves to animals. I wish nobody gets offended by my words. Only those may feel offended who belong to that species which never moves out of its illogical boundaries.

Every moment, we are undergoing a slow evolution somewhere in our mind or the heart. When a number of such small changes add up, you become the sum of those changes. I have underwent one such major change in my outlook about life. Travelling is slowly becoming my obsession, and I am loving it. Why would I complain when this mutation leads me to such places:

Sunset in North Eastern part of Taiwan
Sunset in North Eastern part of Taiwan
A replica of Queen’s Head rock in Yehliu Geopark

DSCN6804 DSCN6376

I will keep this post short, just to give you time to get lost in the minute details of the images 🙂

All You Need is Love

Some see it in Chemistry

Also written in the  history

But I see it as an entry

Into a mysterious world

Beyond the hormones

Ahead of the emotions

Away from the rules

But, It is still a mystery

Let the mist settle down

Where is the love gone?


Although I do not believe in love, I am attempting this in order to reciprocate the gesture of Prajakta. A lot of people believe in love, and I must respect their views. This is just an attempt to demystify love, or maybe complicate it further 😉

This is called ‘Spread the Love/ Love in Ten Sentences Challenge’ – a chance to express your thoughts on love. The rules are:

1. Write about LOVE in ten sentences of four words each

2. Share your favourite love quote

3. Nominate fellow bloggers.

A sarcastic self-made quote comes to my mind:

“I felt that was true love, so can be this one and the next one” 

I hope nobody gets offended by my weird views about love. I would like all my readers to share their views, and my specific nominations are:



Paloma Renee

Steven Baird




Feel free to keep the chain moving. Looking forward to hear from all the amazing people in the blogoshpere.