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The shadows

Marshy land of night,

Heartbeat is stopping,

Directions are afraid

Something is getting lost

Breathe has stopped

What is gonna happen

Death is hiding in the bushes

Heart is full of shadows

Darkness is weeping

Soul is shivering

Time is dipping in itself

I wish I can hold  it…and the wish remains



Fear of Life

Why do you fear life
Within you is your life
Why do you fear people
You are one of them
I am one of them
Why do you fear now?
Man is speech, man is interpretation 
Man is attached with man
Relationships are attached with man
Why do you fear the unspoken?
It has not happened yet,
Why do you fear that?
Why do you fear light?
You are light and I am light
Why do you fear now? 
A new inspiration is coming
Renaissance is on its way
Whom do you fear now?