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The Sleep

Brown leaves fall in my courtyard

My life cycle moves another yard

Looking at it like a precise retard

I’ve used all my life’s trump-cards

Tiredness is leading me to a bed

Sleep is going to be a bit longer

Can’t ask anyone to wake me up

Because I know that this is my last



The silence of the waves

Saud Beach, Philippines

Each one of you are going to interpret this picture in a different way. I went to sit near the waves at around 12 in the night, and my expressions chose Hindi this time:

इन लहरों के सन्नाटे में
कुछ शब्द सुनाई देते हैं
लफ्ज़ न तेरे हैं न मेरे
बस चंद लम्हों के फेरे हैं
न एक शब्द बोला उसनें
न मेरी ज़ुबां ने ज़हमत की
बात जो पहले रह गयी
वो आज बिन बोलो हो गयी

I was planning to post it in English, but I was afraid of losing the impact. Anyways, let me try to give an English version for my English readers. I hope to bring atleast half of the effect into the translated version:

In the silence of these waves

Some words strike my ears

They are neither yours nor mine

Just a colossal time turbine

Neither did she speak a word

Nor my tongue took the pain

The incomplete talk of the past

Happened today without the words


In Your Arms

The mystery of love refuses to die

Lemme sink in your  beautiful eyes

You still wake me up in the nights

You are the only one I love by heart

I wish this life gives us a new start

Or else I’ll die and meet you again

In my next birth as an intense lover

Loving you again is still my dream

I still don’t mind losing this big world

For a small moment of love with you.

P.S.: I still want to see you as I breathe my last.


An open ended feeling

Looking at me from the cliff of life

Why do you still stare at my rise

It was the black choice you made

Created a deep hole in my soul.


I keep getting reasons to smile

Desires of going the long miles

But when the movement begins

Appears a black hole in my soul.


As I made my plans to move on

Filling the hole with my reasons

The hole disappeared for a while

Then the body turned into a hole.


I can still see someone on the cliff

Looking at every inch of my soul

Please don’t care about anything

‘Coj you are the one who dug it.