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This section covers all aspects of life, as they have been encountered by me. This section constitutes of the articles which have been written by me whenever I have faced a difficult situation in life. Emotional turbulence makes me a better writer

Thank you Readers

We often try to run away from our original types, sprinting our way to security. That is when the universe hits us like a pro-boxer, hitting us back to the wonderful turf of life. More often than not, it’s a pleasant experience to lie down in the ring, looking at the sky above, and revisiting the sprints. 

People who know me, won’t find it tough to get the underling theme of the aforementioned words.  I still remember the day when  I began my writing journey. It used to be a way to shriek, when nobody listens. As a 23 year old, all I had was anger towards the tangled ways of the society. Three years down the line, a lot has changed. What hasn’t changed, is my love for those lines from the movie “A Beautiful Mind”:

It’s only in The mysterious equations of love that any logic or reasons can be found. I’m only here tonight because of you. You are the only reason I am… you are all my reasons.

I still write, but the hatred has made way for something bigger, which has made me better as a person. Whatever we do, whatever we get, it’s because of someone’s prayers. Since I am not sure whose prayers worked, I decided to thank every individual of my life.

It’s my nature to hold the beans right at the point of spilling them, letting the curiosity find its way. Thank you everyone, for listening to the muted shrieks in the past.

P.S.: Hang on, I might be giving invitation cards in near future. 😉



The Futility of Theories

“Dude! You look like David Beckham”

And the dude in question soars to the skies. The dude may choose to hide his inner emotions, but he can’t deny the happiness within his mind and heart. Even if he hides his emotions, he is going to try and recreate the same magic, and work towards living the compliment. This is the beauty of appreciation. I am still learning the art of responding to compliments. There is nothing wrong with the comparison to Beckham, but I see perceive it in a different way. One question that comes to my mind is: ‘Whom did Beckam choose to imitate?’, and the spontaneous answer is ‘No-one’.  Amidst the glory of compliments, we forget the basics of stardom.

“True heroes never looked like anyone, but they created their own benchmarks”

Let us try to dig deeper into the stardom of guys like Beckham, or Christiano Ronaldo etc. What if Ronaldo was still in  Santo António, not known to the world as a champion footballer? There is no way he could have gained the limelight of this intensity. This brings us to the core of the issue, he made himself through his skills and hard work. He chose to focus on his work, became good at it, and that gave rise to his fame.

“Fame should never be the objective, it is just a byproduct of the rewards for hard work”

We are often told to follow a fixed path, and we forget our originality. What worked for someone, may not work for you. There is nothing wrong is using someone’s life as a template, but we should not try to imitate that step-by-step. The conditions which prevailed during his rise, the mentality and situation, cannot be recreated. It’s good to use these personalities as an inspiration, but do not try to follow their track. If someone gained millions from mutual funds, you cannot recreate the market situation to gain the same amount. The best way, is to find what works for you. Mark your strengths, guard your weaknesses.

“Don’t follow anyone, lay your own path and lead the way”


The first love paradox

A recent post about someone’s love story gave me this idea of creating a paradox for love, parallel to the omnipotence paradox. If you have not read about the omnipotence paradox, let me try to explain it:

“Omnipotence means ability to do anything. If God is omnipotent, then he must be able to formulate a work which he cannot do. If he cannot create such work, he is not omnipotent. And if he does create such a work, that means he failed to create a work which he cannot do. “

If you are a believer and you are fuming at me for writing this, let me save myself my saying that I am not an atheist. I just saved my life by using the power of words. Jokes apart, I wanted to propose a paradox for first love. My view is that there is no such thing like first love. People fall in love and then they break up. They take their lessons and fall again, to learn some more lessons. Each of those affairs get counted as First-Love at some point of time. Teenagers look for attention givers and protectors, youth looks for exploration, then they pursue stability in their 30s and the cycle goes on. I am seven years behind that mark of 30, so I am not the best person to comment on the love that happens during the age of 30s. “Salt as per the taste”, you must have read it in the recipes. The same applies to love. My conclusion is:

“First love happens once, twice and thrice”

If I made my readers fume once again, I offer my head on a silver plate. Chop it off, add salt as per the taste and eat it. These are my views, and I do not have to be right.


The Last Resort

As I begin this piece of writing, let me make it very clear that I am neither an Agnostic nor an extreme Believer, but I am somewhere in between. So you can let your guard down because I am not going to pen down some lecture on the existence of God. The ways to counter against negativity is the underlying tone of my post.

Everybody of us faces that such situation in life where we feel like running away from situations, a few of my readers might even be pondering upon the idea of suicide. Let me tell you one simple fact which can drive you through the most difficult phases of life:

“When you have nowhere to go, listen to your inner voice and surrender yourself” 

I never try to impose my views upon anyone, but I would like to suggest you to at least try it once. You have nothing to lose. You may customize the above saying as per your preferences, you may either surrender yourself to the will of God or you can talk to yourself. From my personal experiences, I can say that my inner voice is wiser than the real me. The issues of life may range from relationships with your girlfriend, career crisis, financial troubles etc. The problems are numerous but they all have a common solution, You can believe in me because I was in a bit of distress when I began this piece of writing and I feel better now. Negativity is like drowning in a marshy land with a tonne attached to your feet, the more you try to come out the deeper you will get into it. You do not need to apply some rocket science in order to conclude that it is always better to avoid such marshy lands. If I am yet to convince you then you may try your luck at convincing me by letting me know about the positives we derive from taking tension because of such issues. Come one, have a go at it. I guess you know it now. Isn’t it? There are more interesting things than reading a blog, go out and check out something you love, maybe the beauty of nature or the nature of beauty.