The whatsapp Revisit

“Papa Calling”

The term we often see on our phones and it triggers a plethora of emotions in each one of us, I am not an exception to this. The only exception is, I have lost the liberty to react to this term now.

The blog was my release when I had lost someone back in 2015 and this acted as my best friend which gave me a healing I couldn’t have received by no other means.

I have lost someone again and I am here again, getting back to the WRITING I always took for granted. There is difference between the two losses though. The one in 2015 was still in this world and my mind was convinced that some permutation and combination of the Universe could come into play. The loss in the year 2020 left no scope for any permutation and combination.

Receiving images from your Father’s WhatsApp is normal but, not when those are the images of his deathbed.


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