A Poetic Accident-Part 1

I We thought of narrating a story through poetry. It has intentionally been left open-ended in order to keep some scope for a versatile follow-up. Let me us know what you think about the first part being presented here:

Love is just a myth they thought

For dead ends were what they always got

Experiment with bacteria was his daily task

“I don’t need a man”, she’d say if someone  would ask

But deep within they yearned to experience 

What the poets swore to be mysterious

A feeling of happiness and fulfillment

But the past wounds had left memories

With clouds of fear and despair

A day came by when they stumbled across

A casual conversation, they thought, won’t be a loss

One sentence transformed into many

Yet they didn’t realize it until the day arrived

When moving away was what they contrived

His heart pierced to see her go

She was left teary eyed after the blow….. 

If the part sounds engaging, feel free to take forward the story and let us know what you think of the first part.



What do you think

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