The beginning

When the silent voices of your mind go unheard

Block the noises of this world, find your own music

Exactly an year back, this was my thought process. That was my first date with this blog, and our bond has grown stronger every moment since then. If life is a train, and some passengers keep getting down at every station, then this blog is the one which will travel with me forever. We cannot force someone to travel with us, but we can strengthen the bond with the ones who are willing to be a part of our long journey. For everyone else, just ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ are enough. Still, some goodbyes don’t get a chance to get heard. For those:

I wish you were an inanimate object, I would have kept you as a souvenir

P.S.: Every compliment I get, every improvement I make, belong to my readers.


26 thoughts on “The beginning”

      1. Yeah, just saw it! Thank you for participating! I am happy too, that you enjoy it! Hope you are well! Sorry, that I am not getting around as frequently as I used to! But you see I did not forget about you ๐Ÿ˜Š


  1. I didn’t know what a “troll” was until the other day, but I am very happy there aren’t many “trolls” on WordPress. A lot of people positively supporting each other- it’s very cool.

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