The Futility of Theories

“Dude! You look like David Beckham”

And the dude in question soars to the skies. The dude may choose to hide his inner emotions, but he can’t deny the happiness within his mind and heart. Even if he hides his emotions, he is going to try and recreate the same magic, and work towards living the compliment. This is the beauty of appreciation. I am still learning the art of responding to compliments. There is nothing wrong with the comparison to Beckham, but I see perceive it in a different way. One question that comes to my mind is: ‘Whom did Beckam choose to imitate?’, and the spontaneous answer is ‘No-one’.  Amidst the glory of compliments, we forget the basics of stardom.

“True heroes never looked like anyone, but they created their own benchmarks”

Let us try to dig deeper into the stardom of guys like Beckham, or Christiano Ronaldo etc. What if Ronaldo was still in  Santo António, not known to the world as a champion footballer? There is no way he could have gained the limelight of this intensity. This brings us to the core of the issue, he made himself through his skills and hard work. He chose to focus on his work, became good at it, and that gave rise to his fame.

“Fame should never be the objective, it is just a byproduct of the rewards for hard work”

We are often told to follow a fixed path, and we forget our originality. What worked for someone, may not work for you. There is nothing wrong is using someone’s life as a template, but we should not try to imitate that step-by-step. The conditions which prevailed during his rise, the mentality and situation, cannot be recreated. It’s good to use these personalities as an inspiration, but do not try to follow their track. If someone gained millions from mutual funds, you cannot recreate the market situation to gain the same amount. The best way, is to find what works for you. Mark your strengths, guard your weaknesses.

“Don’t follow anyone, lay your own path and lead the way”



14 thoughts on “The Futility of Theories”

      1. It is not late at all 🙂 I actually planned to post it in 3 – 4 weeks since I am out of counry all the time…. but couldn’t help it… haha. I just read and commented on your post. Thank you so much. I appreciate it a lot that you participated 🙂 ❤


  1. That reminds me to that saying: “Life is not about finding yourself but about creating yourself.” Those are profound and important insights you share with us. Only when we are authentic and share who we are with the world we can give what the world needs from us. It is funny, but my Monday post has a similar topic (published in one hour). Great post!


  2. My response is among similar lines when I am asked why I am not into “inspiring” biographies/autobiographies and instead go for the funny ones – I don’t want to use their actions as templates but just their wisdom to hone my thinking. Well said.


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