The silence of the waves

Saud Beach, Philippines

Each one of you are going to interpret this picture in a different way. I went to sit near the waves at around 12 in the night, and my expressions chose Hindi this time:

इन लहरों के सन्नाटे में
कुछ शब्द सुनाई देते हैं
लफ्ज़ न तेरे हैं न मेरे
बस चंद लम्हों के फेरे हैं
न एक शब्द बोला उसनें
न मेरी ज़ुबां ने ज़हमत की
बात जो पहले रह गयी
वो आज बिन बोलो हो गयी

I was planning to post it in English, but I was afraid of losing the impact. Anyways, let me try to give an English version for my English readers. I hope to bring atleast half of the effect into the translated version:

In the silence of these waves

Some words strike my ears

They are neither yours nor mine

Just a colossal time turbine

Neither did she speak a word

Nor my tongue took the pain

The incomplete talk of the past

Happened today without the words



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