The Blogger Travel Initiative

“Do not let life escape you, keep travelling”

I have always believed that any moment can change our lives for better. One such moment made me write about it and I often go back to that post to inspire myself. Every one of us has a desire of seeing the world but, we get too involved in our professional lives and this desire gets suppressed. One can ignore it for a while, but the travel mutation never dies. I would like to try and ignite that spark of travelling in the minds of my intellectual readers. I have no intention of buttering you guys and I have already mentioned in an earlier post that only toast deserves the butter from my spoon. Jokes apart, one naive travel idea struck my mind and I would like to share it here.

What if we start sharing our travel plans on our respective blogs and invite our fellow bloggers to join us on the trip. What can be more exciting than to meet those who keeps the writer within us alive by inspiring us with their words of appreciation. This is just a proposal, let us see if it works. If you like the idea, I will wait for your comments and reblogs.

I would like to share my upcoming travel plans:

July 18th-24th: Manila

Aug 24th-28th: Hong Kong

This is your chance to experience such an evening
                                This is your chance to experience such an evening in Manila
                                                           If not Manila, does Hong Kong inspires you?

Such a plan is bound to be a budget trip, because I am yet to reach that level where I can afford to forget the date on which my stipend gets credited to my bank account. I hope to amuse some of my readers and convince them to join me this summer. Looking forward to your responses.



16 thoughts on “The Blogger Travel Initiative”

  1. I hope you get some people interested. I won’t be one of them, though. I’m more of a homebody. I don’t have that wanderlust that so many people have. Guess that’s okay. We’re all different!

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  2. Wonderful initiative! I think this really could do us all a whole lot of good by bringing us closer to our desire of actually traveling instead of just dreaming about it and procrastinating it due to work and other excuses. Keep us posted! 🙂

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  3. Wow, beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing! That is a wonderful idea. I shared a lot of travel posts, feel free to check them out. Just pick the category “travel” or “vacation”.

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