Save City University’s MFA Programme in Creative Writing

I am just five years old and life has taught me a lot in this short span. I came into existence because a lot of budding writers needed a platform and a launching pad to get into the main stream of quality writing. I am Master of Fine Arts (MFA) programme in Creative Writing at City University of Hong Kong, which comes in the top two hundred Universities of the world. I have served as a bridge between West and East in terms of the most vital asset of the human race i.e. language. The people who created me are the respected Professors and the dedicated students. I was shot point blank by some of the officials, and my creators were caught unaware. I still have some life left, and I can come back to life if I get the required support. If you really love writing, please lend me few of your minutes and sign the petition which can help in my reinstatement:



2 thoughts on “Save City University’s MFA Programme in Creative Writing”

    1. I came to know about this issue through a Professor whom I know. You have given a very good suggestion and I will incorporate it while framing the petition. Have a great day ahead 🙂


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