5 thoughts on “Good vs Bad”

  1. Sadly I work in customer service. Every time I try to be generous it’s a case of give an inch and they take a mile. It would be less hassle to fob them off with terms and conditions rather than go out of my way and help.

    These recent sayings remind me of the hilarious Mystery Men.

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    1. The best part is “I do not remember telling you to do that”. Thank you for sharing the link. I can understand about your experiences with customer service. I have seen that people often exploit such services. Hats off to you for pulling it off 🙂


  2. Oh iiiii don’t know about that, I seem to get myself in trouble all the time doing a good deed lol. People seem to think I am ok and capable and seem to expect a whole lot more from me than I have to give (energy wise … stability wise … ) I can’t keep myself from doing those good deeds but man, then I get all balled up and overwhelmed 😦


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