8 thoughts on “Creativity”

    1. I agree on that. But, if there is a nice blend of fear and confidence, then that can do wonders to us. For e.g. suppose you are trying to give a speech in front of a huge audience and you feel stage fear. If you have confidence at this point, you will ace the speech. A bit of fear does no harm. Thanks for sharing your views 🙂


    1. Nice to hear that you liked the name. people often think of it as a child-pornography blog 😉 I chose it randomly and I have no plans of changing it. I have successfully kept the child alive for 23 years, I wish to sustain it forever 🙂


      1. I know the WordPress “happiness engineers” do rate WP blogs, and your blog is rated “G”=general… so no need to change your blog’s name… why?! ’cause having a 4 year-old mind(spirit) is not a “crime” but rather a positive quality… 🙂

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