The Last Resort

As I begin this piece of writing, let me make it very clear that I am neither an Agnostic nor an extreme Believer, but I am somewhere in between. So you can let your guard down because I am not going to pen down some lecture on the existence of God. The ways to counter against negativity is the underlying tone of my post.

Everybody of us faces that such situation in life where we feel like running away from situations, a few of my readers might even be pondering upon the idea of suicide. Let me tell you one simple fact which can drive you through the most difficult phases of life:

“When you have nowhere to go, listen to your inner voice and surrender yourself” 

I never try to impose my views upon anyone, but I would like to suggest you to at least try it once. You have nothing to lose. You may customize the above saying as per your preferences, you may either surrender yourself to the will of God or you can talk to yourself. From my personal experiences, I can say that my inner voice is wiser than the real me. The issues of life may range from relationships with your girlfriend, career crisis, financial troubles etc. The problems are numerous but they all have a common solution, You can believe in me because I was in a bit of distress when I began this piece of writing and I feel better now. Negativity is like drowning in a marshy land with a tonne attached to your feet, the more you try to come out the deeper you will get into it. You do not need to apply some rocket science in order to conclude that it is always better to avoid such marshy lands. If I am yet to convince you then you may try your luck at convincing me by letting me know about the positives we derive from taking tension because of such issues. Come one, have a go at it. I guess you know it now. Isn’t it? There are more interesting things than reading a blog, go out and check out something you love, maybe the beauty of nature or the nature of beauty.




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