The real meaning of career and the myths associated with it

“You have to earn a living”
“Higher education help a lot”
“You need to work hard in order to raise a family later”
“What am I gonna do after this?”

On reading the above statements, if you feel related then you are reading the right material. First of all, I request you to stop thinking about career as a career. And for this to happen, we must try to explore the in-depth meaning of this hyped word. I might not be correct politically, but I am wise enough to say wise words on this topic. The statements mentioned above are all myth. Career is just a sort of work which we enjoy doing, it can be a leisure activity or a scientific interest. You don’t have to go for doctoral education if you really want to solve a scientific question. Similarly, you do not need a degree in trekking in order to explore the trails of The Himalayas. The road towards your passion is obviously difficult, but it can lead us to success if we stick to our plans. If you love photography, continue moving around with your camera and do not listen to anyone whispering the aforementioned statements. Never listen to anyone who says this can’t be done. “Impossible in Nothing”, this must not sound like a new saying but it is true.

Another issue which often brushes one’s mind is the financial aspects. It depends on your personal outlook. You have to choose either money or happiness and satisfaction. I cannot deny the fact that there are few career options which will give you both money and happiness, for e.g. a successful photographer can build numerous assignments, which will ultimately lead to hefty paychecks. The bottom line is that one must enjoy his/her work. One must not choose a career with an objective of making money. Money is secondary, choice is the primary thing. I have myself been pursuing something which I do not like, it makes me feel like a laggard because I do not like it and thus I fail to give it my all. One cannot succeed without giving it all, the thought of ‘not going home without spending every bit of energy one has got’ drives the most passionate minds. This passion stems from interest.

If you play computer games, just tell me one thing. How many times have you installed a game and finished it in one day, or fer hours? I am sure that most of us have done this. For such dedication and determination, what is the reason you can think of? It is definitely your passion for it, the joy you derive when you finish a game successfully. If you love trekking, just imagine yourself at the top of The Himalayas. Once you finish reading this line, close your eyes and feel the cool wind flowing through the valleys, snow capped peaks. Open up your arms, feel free. This is happiness. It is invisible but we can feel it. If you love writing, visualize yourself signing novels for your fans. This feeling of completeness is ineffable. This is what a career must provide, a sustained sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Coming to a person of entirely different persona, one who thinks he must get married and settle down in his life. Dude! Suppose you get married now, enjoy a love filled life for the initial years. What next? Having babies, going to office daily, coming back and going to bed. Is this how you want to spend next 20-30 years of your life? Nobody loves to live like this. I have seen couples; any level of romance cannot keep you ignited forever. One needs to work on it. This boils down to the theme of this post, work on something you love. Money will come, do not worry. Just stay positive and things will turn out to be to your liking.

“Open up your wings and fly, there is a whole world to explore”



7 thoughts on “The real meaning of career and the myths associated with it”

  1. that is a good piece of writing, It makes me think of myself. I want to be a farmer but i cannot quit my job cause financial troubles. And I do not have a piece of land to plant any things. ^^ . Love your writing!


    1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I can understand your confusion. I faced the same contrast between my passion and my career. I have trained my mind to think of my career as a platform to launch my passion for writing. This keeps me interested in my career. Give this thought a try, your job has the potential to make you capable of buying a land. I am quite new to blogging, I ever tried story telling in my recent post. If my work brings light to alteast one mind, my purpose is solved

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